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bulletRental of the Meeker Sportsman Club is available to members.
bulletRental is for the Club House and immediate surrounding grounds only.  Rifle Range, Pond, Bow Range and Trap Shoot are restricted to Club Members, no exceptions.
bulletRental Fee for the Club is $85.00 per day, in advance.
bulletA deposit, in advance of $250.00 is required.  Deposit is refundable providing building and grounds are returned to the same condition  as they were found.  This includes cleaning of kitchen (id used), restrooms, table, sweeping / mopping of floors, emptying trash and picking up litter on the grounds.
bulletRenter is responsible for any damages to the building and / or grounds regardless of who did the damage during rental of Club.  Donuts in the driveway are considered damage.  Damages will first be applied to deposit, and deposit amount above the accessed damage amount will be refunded.  Any accessed damage amount above the deposit will immediately be paid by the Renter.
bulletShould Renter not return Club premises to a satisfactory condition, Renter agrees to pay for the required clean up at $10.00 per hour.  There will be no maximum number of hours set for the required clean up!
bulletMeeker Sportsman Club, In. is not responsible for any accidents.  Renter agree not to hold liable the Club, any of its' Members or Trustees for any accidents that occur during rental.
bulletNO ALCOHOL is permitted on the Club grounds at any time.  Noise is to be controlled by Renter. Please do not sit on the tables!

If you are interested in renting the Club House you may use the following form or call 740-499-2434,  740-361-7281 or email meekerclub@meekersportsmanclub.com

1. Purpose for renting the Club or question                      
    regarding Club rental                                                     

2. Are you a Club Member?
3.Club or Organization if applicable 
4. Membership number
6. Address
6. Phone number
7. Date requested for Club rental
8. Email address




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The Meeker Sportsman Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization located at 1658 Agosta Meeker Rd. N. in Marion Ohio.
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